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It’s O.K. to be grumpy.

“Cheer up, lad, things could be worse.”

I hate it when a complete stranger says this to me. Sod off! I’m having one of those days, leave me alone! It will pass. I’m not like this all the time, you know. I’m actually a pretty positive person all in all. It’s just that when I’m not, people seem to notice more. If I was grumpy all the time, that would be different. But you know, when I get a grump on, I just indulge in it, almost laugh at it, knowing it will soon pass. So, I say, it’s O.K. to be grumpy once in a while. We’re allowed. Being positive ALL the time would just be weird.

How a balloon can change your life.

Remember to be silly once in a while

I was reminded of this when in a grumpy mood and my two-year-old did this crazy dance, pretending to be jelly in the shape of a fish. I felt compelled to join in and felt a whole lot better as a result. :)

Hangover cure

Giggle don’t niggle



So much petty squabbling…So much better to let some things go and not make a big deal out of them. Life’s too short for niggles. A niggle is like a pesky poking finger chipping away at your sanity and upsetting the balance.


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