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TipTop’s worst fear

TipTop has some sprouting hairs coming from his eyebrows. Josie asks is she can pluck them out. TipTop says no because he "can't face the tweezers"

Fight fear: take some action

Everyone encounters fear, in some form or another. Even the feared. If fear is hard to avoid, there’s one thing we can do: Take some action. Action cures fear, or at least softens the edges so it feels like we are doing something about it. If only this vampire guy got hold of some scissors…


How you frame things can make a difference


How you frame or perceive things can make a huge difference. Seeing the positive in all situations, especially when you’re in the thick of it, is really hard. It’s commendable to do the best that we can though :)




Facing the Future

Face the music with strength and honour.


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