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Embarrassment Amnesties

Embarrassing episodes can be mortifying at the time but hilarious in hindsight.

Here are a few embarrassing things that really happened to me. Actually, one of them happened to my wife – bet you can’t guess which one?

1. Having my flies undone when giving an important speech.

2. Walking slap bang into a parking meter whilst checking out a beautiful woman on the opposite side of the road.

3. Turning up late to a really great mate’s wedding and sneaking in to the back of the church, hoping they might not notice.

4. Leaving a metal teaspoon in a food blender when making a pudding in the middle of a dinner party.

5. Getting home at the end of the day, looking in the mirror and seeing that I had had spinach stuck on my teeth all afternoon.

6. Turning up at a party with some weeds fashioned into a bunch of flowers and seeing everyone else’s amazingly generous present.

7. Falling asleep on the top deck of an all-night London bus and being woken up by the driver at the end of his shift 40 miles from where I lived .

8. Experiencing the shock of a colleague walking in on me on the toilet.

I invite you to submit your own…

Consider this a safe depositing place to tell all about your cringe-worthy embarrassing experiences. Feel lighter by unburdening yourself from the inner torment of their memories. For here, friends, you will be pardoned, set free, and embraced by a community of fellow bloggers who champion humour over all…


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