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Do you know where you’re going?



I spent too long drifting when I was younger. Or at least not reflecting on where it was I really wanted to go. I used to think the song, “Driftwood” by Cast, was written all about me.

I guess I don’t want other people to fall into that same all-too-easy groove of being aimless, and not being at the helm. Of being carried along towards someone else’s destination. Of being adrift in the middle of a wild ocean. Of running the risk of being even more scared than facing the inner fears of being ourselves.

Time to get a compass, set sail and be the helmsman within.

What helps you be more focused on your goals?

If you know what you want, what are you waiting for?

Fight fear: take some action

Everyone encounters fear, in some form or another. Even the feared. If fear is hard to avoid, there’s one thing we can do: Take some action. Action cures fear, or at least softens the edges so it feels like we are doing something about it. If only this vampire guy got hold of some scissors…


What are you waiting for?

For all those procrastinators out there, myself included! A reminder that there is no ideal starting point in any venture, so why wait for it to come along or find excuses for not getting down to business? Just lay the first brick, get cracking and let your story unfold…


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