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Do you know where you’re going?



I spent too long drifting when I was younger. Or at least not reflecting on where it was I really wanted to go. I used to think the song, “Driftwood” by Cast, was written all about me.

I guess I don’t want other people to fall into that same all-too-easy groove of being aimless, and not being at the helm. Of being carried along towards someone else’s destination. Of being adrift in the middle of a wild ocean. Of running the risk of being even more scared than facing the inner fears of being ourselves.

Time to get a compass, set sail and be the helmsman within.

What helps you be more focused on your goals?

If it’s all too much…

Life can get a little crowded, can’t it?

Sometimes a few of our activities could do with ending up on the editing floor. The result? We end up doing a little less but do it a whole lot better. We free ourselves up to rediscover what we really enjoy doing. We find focus.  And focus is fab.

So…I say cut, cut, cut. Edit your life, filter your joys, and feel the change.

It’s O.K. to be grumpy.

“Cheer up, lad, things could be worse.”

I hate it when a complete stranger says this to me. Sod off! I’m having one of those days, leave me alone! It will pass. I’m not like this all the time, you know. I’m actually a pretty positive person all in all. It’s just that when I’m not, people seem to notice more. If I was grumpy all the time, that would be different. But you know, when I get a grump on, I just indulge in it, almost laugh at it, knowing it will soon pass. So, I say, it’s O.K. to be grumpy once in a while. We’re allowed. Being positive ALL the time would just be weird.

Bring it all together



Converge your passions and form a surging river of wonderfulness; consolidate your net experience; concentrate your worldly acquisitions into a form that reflects who you truly are. Tap into what you have learnt and are passionate about to create an all-encompassing thing, which makes it all add up into something of even greater worth, a reflection of your values, a constructive method of making sense of your world and providing a driving purpose. Dude.

Hangover cure


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